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Skarbowsky gym now open in Bangkok located in the same place at legendary Jocky gym,  This prestigious camp had been created in 1974 by a great muaythai technician Somat Hong Sakoun. Jocky gym formed and trained many muaythai champion like Somrak kamsing, Skarbowsky, Saenchai sor kingstar, Nikiema, Patong Jockygym, Kaoklai, Chaowarit, Robert Kaennorasing, Rolek Kaennorasing, Silapathai Jockygym… This new camp completely rebuilt aims to become again one of the best training camp for Thai champion and foreigner in bangkok.

Jean-charles Skarbowsky is a famous fighter very respected by thai people  who beated many great muaythai champion, he was ranked number 1 at Rajadamnern stadium in the year of 2003.

Called “CHONG” skarbowsky by thai people he strongly marks the spirits like another great boxer named “Ramon Dekkers”. Everyone remembers his amazing fighting followed by millions of people on TV.
Skarbowsky has the reputation of a very hard and technical warrior who inflicts many KO to his opponents. He won against Chokdee por pramuk (KO), Robert Kaennorasing (KO), Lamsongkram Chuwattana (KO), Kaoponglek Luksuratam (KO), Orono por muang ubon (KO), suriya sor pleonchit, Rambo two and many other thai champion.

The camp is fully equipped with new ring and boxing equipment. There are nice and comfortable room with air conditioning close to the gym, the neighborhood is very pleasant to live, the camp is situated near a local market with many restaurant serving thai speciality and foreigner food.

Skarbowsky gym has 4 high quality teacher to supervises trainings. The head coach trainer is legendary PIPA, muay thai technical specialist who lead to glory great warriors in Thailand. SILAPATHAI and VIHOC, this 2 champions who fought for jocky gym several years  are also there to assist and support you in your progress . You will also find at gym GABRIEL ROSSI from Canada who have fight several time in Thailand. All the team will help to push you at your maximum performances.

all boxers are welcome, beginners, confirmed and pro fighter. In this gym you will enjoy boxing classes quality with exceptional coaching and great atmosphere.

Skarbowsky gym…training video

Skarbowsky gym is located near MRT train at BANG SUE station.

address : 5/254 Soi Si Nam Ngeun, PRACHARAT sai 1, Bang PO, BANGKOK,

Contactez nous pour toutes informations ….

Contact information : Anabelle (092.567.0414), Romain (098.464.4709)



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Jean-charles Skarbowsky is also an important promoter who create is own muaythai tournament organization « BEST OF SIAM » with quality opposition between French and thai boxer. The last edition of this event was exceptional because the fights took place in the mythical  Rajadamnern stadium. it was the first time in history that a foreign man was allowed to promote his own tournament on this place. This event was only possible due to a strong relationship between Skarbowsky and Prai Panyalakshana director of raja stadium… Best Of Siam Tournament is and will remain a major event in the Muaythai world. To be continued

Best Of Siam 8 (Rajadamnern Stadium)

Best Of Siam 8 (Rajadamnern Stadium)